Black Road is all about the adventures you experience cycling in solitude or with your friends. The name Black Road is inspired by the majestic fields of dried lava on Etna. When you ride on the roads on Etna you see this black landscape of lava that was once a burning inferno. When you pick up the lava in your hand you feel the sharp edges. That for me symbolizes the raw edges of Sicily – like an unpolished diamond for cyclists.

Black Road Cycling is owned by Thomas Opstrup. A Danish Racing cyclist that lives in Denmark and Sicily and has been working with cycling all of his adult life. He has a little Son in Sicily.

I started as a racing cyclist when I was 15 years old and have raced at the highest amateur level until 2010. I have been privileged to ride with some of the best cyclists and meet a lot of brilliant and interesting people along the road.

I meet a Sicilian girl 5 years ago and that has sealed my destiny ever since. Coming to Sicily as a cyclist is kind of a dream. One of the best areas in Europe to live ‘The cycling lifestyle’. Therefore it was straight forward that I had to work with cycling. I started Sicily Cycling Club with a Sicilian business partner. For 4 years I worked on developing the company and we had a great time. But the last year or so we started to have different ideas about the Vision and Mission for the company. Therefore I started Black Road Cycling.

After working several years for International Advertising Agencies in Denmark I had this full concept idea in my head about what I wanted: To give to my clients the best cycling experience in Sicily. I have brought al my former working experience and the last 4 years in this business with me to Black Road Cycling.

Black Road Cycling is not just a company – It is a lifestyle. We don’t promise sun or smooth roads but we promise challenges and Adventure away from the beaten path. We call it terroir cycling – flavored by the landscape we move through. The people we meet, the views we see, stimulating our senses. We also love to drink Coffee but the cycling we do is about the new sensations it brings to our lives. Join us on the black roads of Sicily amongst the orange groves and Vulcanos. A landscape with a temperament that does not aim to please.

Contact us:

Black Road Cycling
Vester Voldgade 102
1552 Copenhagen

Telephone: +39 349 5947679
Email: enquiries@blackroadcycling.com

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