16 of the best racing bikes of 2021
WORDS: THOMAS OPSTRUP PHOTOGRAPHY RETOUCHING: THOMAS OPSTRUP #best bikes of 2021 In this article you will be presented to what we at Black Road consider some of the best racing bikes of 2021. There will both be aero bikes and non-aero bikes presented here.   For the best bikes of 2021 some trends are visible: [...]

Cycling in Sicily is becoming more and more popular. With that has followed a growing demand for Guided cycling in Sicily. I had the chance to plan a great ride experience with Alexandre choosing our Rack’n’Ride concept. A very simple concept where you stay at a beautiful hotel for your taste in Catania. I’ll pick you or your group up in the morning outside your hotel. We drive to a selected place and together we have a great bike ride from there. After the trip, we drive back to your hotel and you can relax and go out and enjoy the city.

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