WORDS: THOMAS OPSTRUP PHOTOGRAPHY RETOUCHING: THOMAS OPSTRUP #more racing bikes of 2021 - part 2 In this article 'More racing bikes of 2021'  I present some of the bikes you were missing from the first part of 'Best bikes of 2021' I collected all your comments and from here selected 12 of your chosen bikes. [...]
THE CREATION OF A PHOTO AT GIRO D'ITALIA IN CATANIA WORDS: THOMAS OPSTRUP PHOTOGRAPHY: JAMES STARTT AND THOMAS OPSTRUP #GIRO D'ITALIA IN CATANIA Another day at the Giro d’Italia in Sicily. This time the start in Catania. After driving my son to school I went straight to Catania in the morning. I had already thought [...]
Cyclist on Etna in the snowstorm

Riding to the top of Etna with a group of Gentlemen and Ladies. The weather turns from cloudy to snowstorm. At the cafe on the top, I tell the group that there is to option to get down the mountain: 1. I call for 2 mini busses to pick us up. The con of this solution is that you have to wait several hours for your rescue. Option 2: we descent down this will mean that you will freeze for around 25 min. more than you have ever frozen in your life. What are you going to do?

THE CREATION OF A PHOTO AT GIRO D'ITALIA ON ETNA WORDS: THOMAS OPSTRUP PHOTOGRAPHY: JAMES STARTT AND THOMAS OPSTRUP An incredible day started around 13 o’clock when I arrived at the first police road block in Milo - a smal town half way up on Etna. I had made an ingenious plan if I may [...]

Classic quality cycling apparel from French Cafe du Cycliste tested in Sicily.

coastal ride cycling experience in Sicily

The fact is that Sicily is a wonderful, rather undiscovered, somewhat unsophisticated jewel. A truly unforgettable cycling experience, with Etna, etched into the memory for all time.
We came here as unassuming amateurs and will leave, a team of fitter, faster, well-fed athletes. All in a week.

Black Road Cycling and Assos model Thomas Opstrup in front of Etna in the golden hour

Assos jersey and bib shorts – Beautiful race-fit quality with a lot of clever technical details.

John Degenkolb training on Etna in the Trek-Segafredo cycling camp

TREK-SEGAFREDO one of the biggest Pro Tour teams in the world are training in Sicily.


One of the most beautiful rides in Sicily. The ride to Monte Kalfa takes you through the breath of history.

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